Babydoll Ram Lambs for Sale

Here are updated photos of the 3 lads not yet spoken for from this year’s lamb crop.  The two black ones could be ready to leave by May 10th, and little Caesar, the trailer, will be ready May 22nd.  They are all NABSSAR registered, RR at codon 171, and will be up to date on vaccinations and have their hooves trimmed at time of transfer. They are each $325 and buyer is responsible for transport and transfer of the registration to their farm through NABSSAR.

Calvin at 38 days and showing masculine musculature already. Long straight top line and clear face.  From Hattie and Bucko – a twin.

Cecil at 31 days.  Also a twin – from a white dam (Claire) and Bucko.  Clear faced and frisky!  Very noticeably free of any guard hairs in his fleece.

Little Caesar at 13 days. Growing like a weed!  He’s a single from first-time mother (Audrey) and Squash. Clear faced. Sorry – not at his cleanest in this photo…

All 2017 purebred ewe lambs spoken for

As of this morning, all my baby girls, existing and expected, are already promised to new homes.  (Just hoping to prevent some fruitless inquiries.)  If you wish to start thinking about 2018, the same players will be in the game.  I will be breeding Bucko to the black ewes plus Audrey, and Squash to the white ones (including Claire minus Audrey).  I will also (God willing) have a brown Finn ram’s services for Brea, Becka, the 1/4 Finn girls I keep, plus Bashful. Same info is in list form below.  I hope to get a ram lamb from Bashful to breed with Brea and Becka going forward and those will be potentially registerable with the Finnsheep Breeders Association AND result in some brown fleeces in the future.  

Important!!!  It is receipt of your deposit check and the order of its arrival relative to others’ that keeps your spot on the reservation list.  Reservations received before December 31st will be at the same rates as for 2017 lambs. Link to rates, etc. is at bottom of this post.


Fergie, Hattie, Tammy, Adrien, Audrey

Squash +

Claire, Nina, Olivia, Sara 

Brown Finn Dude +

Brea, Becka, Bashful, and any daughters from Brea and Becka retained

Rams still available, most likely – pending lamb gender distribution and number in upcoming births.

Potentially lovely fiber animals, (3/4 Babydoll 1/4 Finnsheep ewes anticipated still available for $100 less per animal than Purebred Babydolls – not registerable.

Reserving a Lamb (Revised 3/20/17)