Reserving a Lamb (Revised 3/20/17)


For the 2017 season, the lambs are expected to be approximately half off-white and half black with new rams of each color being acquired summer of 2016.  About 16 purebred Babydoll Southdown lambs are anticipated.  If you are interested in lambs, submit your request, including your deposit of 50% of the purchase price, so you can be put on the list. Indicate gender and color desired – specific ewe/ram pairing if you have a preference.  I’ll notify you when there is a possible match or matches – most likely by April 15th.  Photos can be emailed for your inspection. The lambs will be ready to go at around 6 weeks of age (~the week before Memorial Day).  At that time they will be current on their vaccinations, have their Scrapies ear tag, their tails docked, and, if wethers are desired, be castrated.  If the sheep will be taken across state lines, I will have a veterinarian-signed health certificate ready.  The sheep will be registered with NABSSAR except for special cases – particularly wethers.  Buyer will be responsible for contacting NABSSAR to record the transfer of ownership and paying the transfer fee.

** You can send your deposit as soon as you like – even before the lambs are born.  It is what keeps your spot in the line-up.

The registration documents will be provided to you at the time of final payment and livestock pick up (cash or cashier’s check, please).  You are responsible for transportation.  Individual lambs will only go to homes having other sheep for companionship.  Otherwise, sheep will be sold in groups of 2 or more.

The deposit is non-refundable, unless the lamb has become injured, sick, or passed away = I can’t fill your “order”, though it can be put toward the purchase of a lamb in a future year.

I reserve the right to refuse the sale of any animal to any person prior to purchase.  I will only register animals meeting breed specifications.

Pricing: New pricing for the 2017 season.  The pricing below is for the first animal.  The cost of each additional lamb will be reduced by $25. This is because my efforts to get them segregated for inspection by the vet and pick up are more efficient with multiple animals. Example: 2 ewe lambs, 1 ram and 1 wether = 425 + 400 + 300 + 200 or $1325 for the perfect starter flock!  (The wether keeps the ram company during the months when the breeding stock is kept separate to prevent winter lambing dates.)

Ewe Lambs         $ 425

Ram Lambs        $ 325

Wethers              $ 225

All of  my flock is has genotype RR at the Scrapies resistance gene locus 171.  All adult animals were tested in September 2014 and found to be free of OPP (Ovine Progressive Pneumonia.)



25 thoughts on “Reserving a Lamb (Revised 3/20/17)

  1. I am interested in purchasing two ewe lambs and one un-related ram lamb if possible. I do live in Nekoosa Wisconsin. My phone number is 715-886-1044. Thank you for your consideration. My family and I are very excited about the opportunity of adding these little seat hearts to our little hobby farm.

  2. Hi,
    I am wondering if you would have 2 ewe lambs available for purchase? We are looking to increase our flock size. We have 11 ewes at present, but some are about at the ending of their breeding capabilities due to age. We live in NW North Dakota and the interest in these adorable sheep is growing. We are so happy about this. Just let us know. Thank you.

    • Please forgive me if this is redundant with an email sent earlier. Yes, I have 5 ewes to choose from – see response to Debbie above for details on individual animals. Thanks for your interest.

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  4. Hi, we are looking. Add sheep to our family farm as well. I am looking for 2 ewes, 1 white or of-white and 1 black. Thanks for the response

    • Hello, Carrie –
      Thanks for your interest. I can help you realize that dream! The two off-white ewe lambs are from Claire’s clan – Betsy is her daughter and Bonita is her granddaughter. Both will probably have clear faces and are twins. For black ewe lambs there are Hattie’s twins, Babette and Bashful. Hattie’s lambs tend to have clear faces and slick ears. The latter trait is less desireable according to the breed standard, but shearers prefer them. Bea is Penny’s daughter, a single, who is already showing signs of graying – if you are interested in the fiber color. Penny is Fergie’s daughter and her line tends to have wooly faces. Perhaps this info will help you make selections on which lambs you prefer. I take it these will be your first sheep? Where is your farm located? (By the way – at the fiber event to day in Decorah, Penny’s wool was very popular.) Let me know if there is any more information you would like to help make your decision.

      • Hi, just read your e-mail, here is my contact info either or … Yes! our first…We are located in St Peter Mn. We grow Organic row crops. We currently have mules, poultry and a couple pigs. Really would like to add a few sheep and possibly cattle at some point.
        I would be interested in Bea, Betsy. Do you think a males would keep the girls happy as well..:)

      • Hi, Carrie –
        You will enjoy the sheep. I’ve never had mules, but found pigs hilarious with their antics. Unfortunately Beau is a half-brother and not suited as a mate for the girls. I’d also recommend not breeding them the first year – give them a chance to reach full size before becoming mothers. I’ll look for your deposit and then reserve Bea and Betsy for you. You are in for a treat!

    • Hello, Kathy –
      Sorry I didn’t get your message sooner, but even then all my available stock had been promised to other farmers. I’m getting in 2 new rams, one white, one black so looking forward to a great 2017 lamb crop (up to 22!). Check in then or before if you are still in the market and I’ll be happy to work with you to set up a starter flock.

    • Hello, Debra – Thanks for your interest! I am posting images and descriptions of the breeding pairs as I get decent photos. Let me know which ones you find most appealing. Deposits/ reservations are open for the coming lambing season. Sue (715-220-1183

  5. We are hoping to find one ewe lamb (and prefer a bottle lamb). We have two ewe lambs that were born this spring right now. My grandson plans to show at our county fair so would like one that will meet breed standards. Really not concerned which color, just hope to raise a healthy, friendly, baby. Thank you

    • Hello, Tracey –

      I should definitely be able to help you out with a healthy ewe lamb that meets breed standards. With any luck on my part – it won’t be a bottle baby, but we’ll have to wait and see. Do you have any restrictions on when the lamb is born (example a February, March, or April birth)? The first of my lambs are due March 17th and some may not be born until around April 1st. I hope that age fits your needs. Where are you located? I’m sure you have enjoyed your first year of shepherding. I hope your second year is just as fun.

      I am expecting around 16 Babydoll lambs with about 50% female. Five different farms have made inquiries, but none have made reservations yet. You can make reservations at any time – the system is first come first served. As you might expect almost everyone wants ewe lambs. If you have any questions, shoot me another email either here or more directly at Thanks for your interest!

    • Hello, Tracey –
      I’ve been thinking about your request and want you to check out Nina’s picture. She was a bottle lamb herself and has maintained that tie with me. She comes to get her ears scritched and will come when I call her name (mostly – unless she’s eatting). Her lambs have an increased exposure to me and have been friendlier than others even if they are not bottle fed, simply because their mom accepts me. She has fine form and an open face.

      The second friendliest ewe is Tammy. I took her to farmers markets when she was a lamb and she, too will allow me to scratch her ears, too. Her last year’s ewe lamb, Becka is super friendly. (But Becka’s cross bred so her lambs aren’t in the running, so to speak.) Tammy is black and fuzzy-faced.

      Let me know if you need more information. I can send scans of the registration papers on any of the parents you are interested in.


  6. We are looking for a ram and were possibly wanting to be on the list for this year. Is it true that they can bred at 8 months old?

    • Hello, Amy – Thanks for your interest. There is a very good chance I will have a ram for you. How many sheep do you already have? Although ewes can be bred at 8 months, I would not recommend it. The vast majority of the still births and problem deliveries I’ve experienced have been with yearling ewes who were bred by accident or on purpose. You risk loosing the ewe as well as the lamb. Vet visits are expensive, but loosing your breeding stock is even more so. Rams, on the other hand can be used for breeding their first season. I’m using one myself for the black half of the flock. If you decide to go forward with reserving a ram lamb and/or others, I advise getting your reservation in specifying your desired color or even parents.
      Give me a call (715)-220-1183 (6:30 to 9:00 evenings is especially good timing) or send an email if you have more questions.

    • Hello, Nina –
      There’s a very good chance I will be able to help you out. Did you like the looks of any particular ewe? If you like the traditional Babydoll fuzz face, Fergie, Tammy and Adrien are your potential pool. If you want a clear face, Hattie is your girl. The ram and father to all, Bucko, also has a clear face. Are you close by or out of state? Send a check for $162.50 (half the fee) and you can be first on the list for your choice of momma. Or wait until they are on the ground and take your chances. (see page on reserving a lamb).
      I look forward to sharing one of my woolly ones with you!

  7. Hello
    I am interested in 2 off-white ewes and possibly a wether. My flock is aging and after 15 years of Icelandic would like to try another breed. I have a lead on a ram from Wisconsin and if that doesn’t go through, may be looking at a ram as well with the intent of increasing the babydoll flock.


    • Hello, Lori –
      I can help you out with the ewes. Would it matter if the wether would be 3/4 Babydoll 1/4 Finn? Demand for rams appears to be strong this year so all the boys worthy of staying intact will be left that way. I’ve not had any runts or sub-quality yet. If I have any males that are bottle babies – that’s another story … I do band them. That said – I should have a quality off-white ram, if your other deal falls through. In order to keep you spot in the que, I will need a check for 50%. Have you spotted any ewes on the website that you are especially interested in? Would you want twins or as unrelated as possible. Remember Claire’s lamb(s) should also be white.

      I look forward to hearing how you’d like to proceed.

  8. Looking at 2018 lambs. Ram my first choice is from Claire and squash and second choice would be Nina and squash. Also looking for a ewe from Hattie. Naomi

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