Breeding Pairs for 2017 Lambing

I’m excited to introduce two new rams to the flock this season.  It will also be the first time the Babydoll x Finn Sheep ewes will lamb.  Watching the combination of traits from those two breeds has been fun – the fleece is growing at more than 150% of the Babydolls in staple length and they are definitely closer to adult size than a comparable aged Babydoll (= faster maturing) and will be bred, while Bashful (pure Babydoll) will not be.  ALL of the flock is RR at Codon 171.  The flock is registered (NABSSAR) Babydoll Southdown unless other wise noted below.

The predominantly off-white group:

Squash is the man!  He’s 2.5 years old and 23 inches at the shoulders.  He’s relatively mellow but definitely manly in build.  Nice back line and with well positioned and shaped legs.  He was just sheared this September so is less woolly than the rest of the flock.


















Nina  (daughter of Claire) is 3.5 years old, 22 inches tall. Clear faced with strong back line, her fleece has consistently longer staple length. Nina produced a great set of twins (Brea, in background, and Bro) in 2016.  She is very friendly and this is transferred to her offspring by greater socialization opportunities.  Reserved: ram lamb (LD) SORRY, NO RAM Reserved: ram lamb (AST) SO SORRY!  Reserved: ewe lamb (KJ)


















D. O. B. 03/27/2017

MN6805-0044 Charlotte KJ

MN6805-0045 Charissa











Olivia (daughter of Claire) is 2.5 years old and 22 inches tall.  She consistently produces longer-stapled fleeces.  She had twins this last spring – one, Bonita, was the absolute cutest ewe lamb ever.  I’m hoping for more of the same in 2107! Reserved: ram lamb (back-up) by LD from IL.  Reserved: ram lamb (AST) 2nd choice > see Sara. Reserved ewe AG (back-up)    

p16-1208c-olivia-side p16-1226c-olivia-front-good


Olivia’s darlings Caleb standing and Carla laying down.














D.O.B. 4/1/2017

MN6805-0051 Caleb LD  

MN6805-0052 Carla AG














Sara (daughter of Iris) is also 2.5 years old and 22 inches tall. She has a fuzzier face than the other off-white ewes, but doesn’t get wool blind. Sweet Sara was a bottle baby.  Reserved ewe AG back-up to Audrey. PPF will retained ewe if AG gets desired ewe from Audrey.  Reserved ram (AST) back-up to Nina/Olivia.

p16-1236-sara-side-good p16-1240c-sara-front








Sara with Cassandra in red and Casper au naturel.









D. O. B. 03/27/2017

MN6805-0046 Cassandra AG 

MN6805-0047 Casper AST 












Audrey (granddaughter of Hattie) will be 2 years old at lambing and 20 inches tall (probably not quite at mature height).  She is open-faced and from a black mother.  I expect just a single from her. Reserved ewe AG.

















A hungry Caesar and an exhausted Audrey. It took concerted pushing by her and pulling by me to extract this fine dude.


D.O.B. 4/12

MN6805-0054 Caesar














Brea (daughter of Nina) was just born in 2016, but being Babydoll x Finn Sheep (registered with FBA) I am optimistically expecting twins her first season.  Her Finn father was brown, a highly sought after color – rare in Finns and absent in Babydolls.  She is already 21 inches at the shoulders.  BECAUSE THESE LAMBS WILL NOT BE REGISTERABLE WITH FINNSHEEP BREEDING ASSOCIATION (LESS THAN 50% FINNSHEEP), EWES AND INTACT MALES WILL BE SOLD FOR $100 LESS THAN THE BABYDOLL PRICES.  Ewe lamb will be retained. Ram KJ (back-up).

p16-1186c-brea-front-good p16-1201-brea-side


Brea and babes early Thursday morning. Carson top Caroline below.















D.O.B. 03/30/17

MN6805-0048 Carson KJ

MN6805-0049 Caroline KJ














And in the other pen. . .

Bucko is a spunky little 2016 black ram lamb from Fullers in South Dakota and already hard at work.  He has a very open face and square set legs.  He’s not reached mature height yet.

p16-1275c-bucko-front p167-1273c-bucko-side
















Claire will be 6 years old at lambing time and is 22 inches tall.  She’s still reigning lead ewe – though seems to be challenged on occasion by her first born daughter, Nina.  Because of the increased demand for colored lambs, I’m breeding her to Bucko so her daughters can be bred for either color, depending on the sire’s color genetics.  She’s one pretty ewe!  First ewe to be retained. Reserved ewe lamb AG. NO EWES for either me or AG.  BUMMER!

p16-1260c-claire-front p16-1261c-claire-side















Claire with Cedric lower left and Cecil upper right.


D.O.B. 03/26/2017

MN6805-0042 Cecil

MN6805-0043 Cedric CB













Fergie will also be 6 years old at lambing and is 22 inches tall.  She’s one of my 2 foundation black ewes.  She’s fuzzy faced and has a heavy fleece that is fading beautifully.

p16-1256c-fergie-side p16-1263c-fergie-front















Twin sisters cuddling in the corner of their jug.



MN 6508-0037 Cambria D.O.B. 3/16/17 SOLD N&SJ (in red)

MN 6508-0038 Candace D.O.B. 3/16/17 SOLD N&SJ (in purple)













Hattie will be 6 years old and is 22 inches tall.  She has a gorgeous, faded gray fleece that trends towards the shorter staple lengths.  A great mom, she has consistently twinned, except for her first lambing. She’s not social and this, too, gets transferred to her lambs as they aren’t brought to me for scratching and treats.  This can easily be overcome in their new home, however.  

















The first morning for Hattie’s twins. Watchful mom to upper right.

D.O.B 03/18/17

MN6508-0039 Calvin 

MN6508-0040 Calista (a.k.a. Gina)  Ewe KJ











Tammy (granddaughter of Fergie) will be 3 at lambing and is 21 inches tall.  In spite of her smaller stature, she had one of the heaviest black fleeces last spring.  In the picture on the right below, she’s just had her face wool trimmed. Tammy went to fiber events with me her first year and is a friendly young lady. 
















Tammy with Carly still wet.


D.O.B. 3/20/17 

MN6805-0041 Carly To be retained by PPF









Adrien (daughter of Fergie) will be 2 at lambing and is already 22 inches tall. She’s fuzzy faced and fading slightly already. I’m expecting a single lamb from her in 2017, her first breeding.  She has the slickest ears of my pure-bred girls.  SOLD to CB

















Adrien and Cecelia – Welcome not-so-little one!


D.O.B. 03/30/17

MN6805-0050 Cecelia CB














Becka (daughter of Tammy) is my black Babydoll x Finn Sheep ewe lamb from 2016 (registered with FBA).   I’m hoping for twin black lambs inheriting her lovely fleece.  She show’s no signs of fading, but she’s still young.  She has the same brown sire as her half-sister, Brea.  BECAUSE THESE LAMBS WILL NOT BE REGISTERABLE WITH FINNSHEEP BREEDING ASSOCIATION, EWES AND INTACT MALES WILL BE SOLD FOR $100 LESS THAN THE BABYDOLL PRICES.  Ram lamb will be retained. KJ see Brea…

p16-1268c-becka-front p16-1272c-becka-side


Baby Carlos finds supper.















D.O.B 4/8/17

MN6805-0053 Carlos PPF













Summary of reservations placed:  (Color coding: Red = first choice, Blue = back-up, Black = tentative (deposit not yet received)

Off-White (lambs)                  Ram1       Ram2        Ewe1        Ewe2

Nina                                  LD             AST            KJ       KJ     BORN 3/27

Olivia                                LD             AST            AG       —     BORN 4/1          

Sara                                  AST            —              AG       PPF     BORN 3/27

Audrey (1?)***                                   —              AG       —   BORN 4/12        

Brea (BDS x FS)*             KJ(W)        —              KJ     —   BORN 3/30                           


Black (lambs)

Claire**                                           CB                PPF          AG   BORN 3/26     

Fergie                                 —          —                N&SJ    N&SJ  BORN 3/16        

Hattie                                               —                KJ      —   BORN 3/18

Tammy                              —          —                PPF          BORN 3/20                   

Adrien (1?)                        —           —               CB         —  BORN 3/30

Becka (BDS x FS)*           PPF(W)   KJ(W)      —          —  BORN 4/8                                                                     


As of 4/12/17 .  Only 3 lambs are unspoken for, all rams: Claire’s Cecil, Hattie’s Calvin, and Audrey’s Caesar.  


*Not registerable with FBA (only 1/4 Finn)

**Lambs WILL carry black gene (Tee hee they ARE black, surprise!)

***Lamb MAY carry black gene