2018 Lambing Season

4′ fences and gates will separate breeding groups. All will have access to barn and exterior pen.

The girls were exposed to the rams beginning on October 18th, one day earlier than planned and there may be lambs on the very first possible date.  (See more on this below).  Ultrasounds were performed on 12/7 and a lot of info was gathered, but some were too far along or too newly pregnant to get good assessment of number of lambs inside. The listing below reflects what we know to date. 

I have the breeding groups listed by ram.  Only Bashful will be a first-timer.  All are RR, Babydolls, and same color as ram unless otherwise noted.

Note: those that are Finn x Doll (= half Finn and half Babydoll) each carry the gene for brown!  





Caesar (off-white Babydoll)

  • Olivia (confirmed twins; due date around 3/25; paternity check needed could also be bred by Bucko if after 3/25)
  • Sara (confirmed twins; due date ~3/19; retaining 1 ewe)
  • Grace (confirmed twins; due date~ 3/24; paternity test – could be bred by Bucko if after 3/25) 
  • Maisey (confirmed twins; due date ~3/17) Maisey is QR = only non-RR in entire flock.

Bucko (black Babydoll)

  • Fergie (confirmed pregnant, probably twins, but too big to tell; due date~3/15)
  • Tammy (confirmed pregnant, number ?; due date ~3/23)
  • Adrien (confirmed pregnant, number ?) due date ~3/16)
  • Becka (black Finn x Doll)  (confirmed twins!; due date ~3/15) lambs NOT registerable
  • Audrey (Off-white Babydoll with black mother) (confirmed pregnant, number ?; due date ~3/18; retaining ewe, black or white)
  • La Nina (Off-white Babydoll) (not pregnant or very recently bred) with Bucko as of 12/7

Tioga (brown Finnsheep) SOLD

  • Copper (brown Finnsheep) (3) SOLD
  • Hattie (black Babydoll) (confirmed pregnant, number ?; due date ~3/24; retaining black ram) lambs will be 1/2 Finn and registerable with FBA
  • Brea (white Finn x Doll) (confirmed twins! due date ~3/21; I will retain ram/wether to investigate fleece properties and behaviors of a 3/4 Finn) Lambs will be registerable with FBA

Kenny (off-white Babydoll) being boarded at PPF

  • Bashful (black Babydoll) (not pregnant or very recent) with Kenny as of 12/8

This final lady, below, was bred by one or both of the colored-fleece dudes who stormed the fence the night before I intended to segregate out breeding pens.  She had dirty hoof marks on her fleece – almost as good indication as breeding chalk!  I’m anticipating she may have been bred by Tioga so will produce cross-bred lambs.  I’ll need to check the length of their tails to see if Bucko got in on the action.  His offspring will have the longer, Babydoll tails. I’ll do paternity (DNA) testing if any doubt exists.

  • Claire (Off-white Babydoll, but carrying gene for black) (confirmed pregnant, number ?; due date ~3/15; retaining ewe if pure Babydoll and black)

Check out separate page on how to reserve your spring lamb ahead of time http://prairieplumfarm.com/babydoll-sheep/reserving-a-lamb/

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