Prairie Plum Farm is a tiny plot of 14.5 acres of rolling terrain in the Bluff Country of southeastern Minnesota.  My mission for this property is to

nurture the land, protect the watershed, and work with nature to produce wholesome food and a regenerative experience for inhabitants and visitors.  Although the acreage is small and my track record short, my hope and plan is for it to produce enough revenue to balance farm expenses and even generate surplus so that I can become an employer of local talent.   I would love to mentor members of the next generations in sustainable farming methods and increased food self-sufficiency.

The property was purchased in 2011 from an Amish couple who left a wonderful legacy of buildings, orchard, and pastures.  I have made serious modifications to the house and have embarked on a course of integrating livestock and plants to minimize both expenses and waste, not unlike the practices of the former owners.


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  1. Do you have any black rams for sale? I’m looking for a ram for breeding this fall. My ewes are small so a young ram may work.

    • Hello, Lori –
      I have a couple making their decision of which ram lamb, white or black, they want tomorrow. I will let you know what the outcome is when I learn – hopefully before I head to work off-farm midday.

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