New Ewes in the Breeding Flock for 2018

I haven’t lots of images of my recent additions, but here are a few along with brief descriptions of their traits.

Bashful my youngest breeding ewe living up to her name and avoiding the camera. She is Hattie’s daughter and is fading early to a lovely light charcoal already for her second fleece. She reminds me of a panda with her distinct black eye rings which keep her from being a fuzz-face. No trimming around the eyes was necessary in recent worming/trimming session. Though not determined to be pregnant with the ultrasound, I expect just a single and it may be quite late in the season.

Head profile shot of Grace showing darker mousy tan nose often seen in Babydolls.  I’m excited to see what her babies (2!) will look like!

Maisey, another recent addition from Nebraska.  She has a history of twinning and nice leg set.  She is, however, QR at codon 171 so may produce some lambs that will be discounted (unless they are to be wethered). Blood tests will be done to determine gene status of all lambs sold for breeding.  She is expecting twins again this season.

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