North Star Farm Tour

I will once again be taking part in this very enjoyable event.  Carly, Brea? and I, along with wool and fruit products will be traveling to Melodee and Hugh Smith’s Clearwater Yak farm outside Welch, MN for the weekend of September 3oth/ October 1st.  I just got back a bunch of roving that I will be selling.  Hope to see you there!


Olivia’s off-white Babydoll rovings. More off-white besides her’s will be available.

Tammy’s rovings (Babydoll).

Fergie’s rovings (Babydoll) Warm light brown.

Finn x Doll twin combined rovings. (greater portion of their fleeces were sold as coated raw fleece). First fleece and luxurious! Brighter white than Babydoll.

Penny’s rovings. Darkest Babydoll.

Moonshadow, the Shetland’s, pindrafted rovings. Beautiful silver!!

Hattie’s Babydoll rovings. Cooler lt. brown.


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