Fall Sheep Sorting

In the sheep business it’s not spring that turns a man’s (ram’s)  thought to love – it’s fall. Recent cool nights have increased the “practicing” being done by the ram lambs and feistiness of the adult rams.  Having a pure bred Finnsheep ewe and a couple of Finn x Dolls (crossbred Finnsheep x Babydoll Southdowns) that may cycle (a.k.a. come into heat) during a greater portion of the year, has led me to do my gender sorting earlier this year. I’ve also been swapping out coats for larger ones and observing fleece differences.  Here are a few photos of the flock taken during from my time with them.

Babydoll sheep mowing the apples – their primary job that they do so well in addition to producing wool and the cutest of lambs.

Moonshadow browsing the young apples – behavior that jeopardizes his spot in the flock.

Copper, my purebred Finnsheep ewe. Beautiful lady with lovely brown fleece.

Trio of fleece colors here on the boys. From left to right: Bucko, with the buffulo fitting, Tioga, my brown purebred Finnsheep ram, and Bro, my Finn x Doll wether. Bro was very vocal in his displeasure about being penned with these two so was reunited with his sisters in the Finn ewe pen.

Bro’s fleece is GORGEOUS and already over 2″ long with 7 months to go until shearing. He’s already in my largest sized coat, so a new purchase of coats is in order.

The little boys now with the adult rams. Carlos, the coated one on the left, is my Finn x Doll wether. Oddly he didn’t face fear and ostracizing from his peers like my little ewe lambs did when I first coated them 4 years ago.

Moonshadow, my Shetland wether, sporting his lovely silver fleece that has, so far, enabled him to keep his spot in the flock.





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