New Projects Inside and Out

The woolly ones are often foremost on my mind as lambing time nears.  I’ve been doing some updates to their accommodations to keep them comfortable and healthy.  

The feed bunkers improve things in 3 ways – greater space (shoulder room) to feed grain, hay not eaten off of ground (less loss of fines and fewer parasites ingested), and, (when 4″ x 4″ fence grid in place), less neck wool contamination.  Although this is mainly for the new mothers  come late March – here the wethers are vying for some choice bits.  Bashful hangs out in the background.

Second feed bunker modified to prevent through passage in first use.


This shows the reroofing of a shed that was partially deconstructed a while back. The white metal was saved from remodel of my house.  At least a part of the non-pregnant sheep will have shelter here for the next couple of months – depending on how well the rams get along. …Or bratty Moonshadow vs. little Bucko.
























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