First Lambs Arrive

Hattie and her girls on their birth day.

Hattie and her girls on their birth day.

Mabel, MN March 19, 2016 – To add to the excitement of shearing day, I had two little ewe lambs born this morning to Hattie and Winslow.  They are both as black as coal – NOT what I expected from a white ram*.  The longer I’m at this it seems the less I know about fleece color genetics.  They are darlings – weighing in at 7#11 ounces and 7#4.  Mom and daughters are doing very well.  I need to start thinking of names starting with B in earnest now.  Watch for new arrivals on…-resulting-lambs/

*It turns out – Winslow’s dam was black so it makes sense after all.  He carries the black gene from her masked by the dominance of the white gene from his sire.

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